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Uniquely HP: How to preserve the dominance of a brand

June 1, 2010

By Tom

In evaluation of the broad concept of “brand power” one can easily get lost. Companies may begin with a spark of natural intuition for customer need, and therefore invariably become a wild success. However, as companies grow and continue to innovate, intuition alone is insufficient in reaching sustainability and growth. Eventually, the needs of the customer will be ignored or lost in the wake of the firm’s overshadowing efforts to learn what the customer wants. This is a phenomena that has led to countless wasteful marketing pursuits and eventual decline of many companies, large and small alike. I suppose the most relevant example of this can be exhibited through Dell Computers and their recent sales decline in wake of a huge youthful advertising campaign that was accompanied by the release of a series of colorful laptops. While I realize that HP is nothing like Dell, I want to make sure the average consumer knows this as well.

Hewlett-Packard has sought out and achieved the solidification of the “brand power” for decades. However, in the rapidly evolving tech industry, competition is always adapting through new marketing approaches that have muffled the impact that Hewlett-Packard has previously enjoyed within its market – I want to take it back. How do I purpose my value proposition? The answer is simple yet opaque: simplicity. Read the rest of this entry »


Why gold, and does it need any marketing?

June 1, 2010

By Igor

“Mr. Gold doesn’t give more time … or second chances”

Ms. Lilly Walker (Revolver (2005), Guy Ritchie)

We are what we eat, and we eat pork bellies, live cattle, corn, coffee and sugar. We do not eat gold, and do not even burn it, like we do gas, oil or timber. And yet, we prefer a few pounds of gold to a few pounds of pork or sugar. Furthermore, this paradox does not seem too paradoxical to any of us, doesn’t it? Of all the mysteries surrounding gold, the most intriguing to me was always its special place. And after I learned a little bit of marketing, I also realized that gold’s marketing is far from obvious to me. For a while I was puzzled with my inability to utilize eating principle, and turned to history books written on the subject. Below is a resume, or as one of my compatriots, Mikhail Prokhorov, recently put it – rez-yoom.

Those of us, who believe that Richard Nixon had murdered American Dream in early 70s, might as well be right. For a fact, we know that he did demonetized gold right around that time. Read the rest of this entry »