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Play Conference and New Business

November 15, 2008

by joseph.young.2009


Attending the Play Conference at UC Berkeley brought about a key insight about business school that ties in to the new way of thinking. Intelligence is moving away from knowledge and moving towards algorithms.

Growing up in a Google world, people learn about information via tools rather than concrete facts. A growing population thinks about intelligence as how quickly you can access data. If we can pull it from memory, retrieval time is in milliseconds. If we can’t think of an answer in memory, the growing Google thought process is to use an algorithm (proper question) to get the information we want. This pushes out our knowledge beyond what’s stored in our brain to what we can find very quickly on the internet.

The same is true for business. Instead of pure skill set that you can bring to a company, it is also about surrounding yourself and the ability to find people to complete your team. Sites such as LinkedIn allow people to have a Rolodex in their head, or computer, or phone, or on the Internet. What makes it great is that it allows you to find people beyond your knowledge base via networks. Again, we use algorithms to find the right person for the job.

Business school (especially a full time program) allows people to build their network and learn tools for enrichment. Rady has afforded me the ability to meet a top class of talent who I will tap in my future business endeavors. Beyond that, they provide me with their network so that I can hire trusted employees who will help my businesses succeed.